AmeriCom is constantly working to upgrade, update, and improve the Area Decoder. We'd like to find out how you use the Area Decoder and what improvements you would like to see. Please take a minute to answer as many of the following questions as possible, and add any other suggestions in the "Miscellaneous" box provided below. This includes any changes to area code data that you are aware of.

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1. For what reason(s) do you look up area codes? (Please be specific.)
2a. Whom do you represent when you look up this information?

2b. What department?

2c. How did you know about the Decoder?

3a. How frequently do you access the Decoder?

3b. How much time is spent looking up codes when you access the Decoder? (If you represent an organization, this figure should be the sum of time spent by all users.)
4. Several users have requested that we include additional information. Some ideas are mentioned below. Please select ALL of the options you would like made available on the Area Decoder. If you have your own ideas, feel free to tell us about them in the Miscellaneous box.

U.S. Information
ZIP Codes
Area code history
Lookup by area code and first three digits of phone number
International Information
Postal codes
International holidays
Currency and exchange rate
Cultural and business information
General Information
Nearest airports, hotels, restaurants
Links to local websites (media, services)
5. Many customers have helped by notifying us of incorrect or incomplete area code data. If you notice that your area code and/or city information is incorrectly displayed or is missing, fill out this section of the form.
Replace area code     with     for city     in state/province/country   .
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