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Get paid for your links

AmeriCom is a leading international reseller of the Domestic Services of major U.S. carriers. We offer Dial 1, Toll-Free, Calling Card and International Calling services, at rates which are obtained only by top Fortune 500 companies, AmeriCom provides the highest quality at the most competitive rates available.

By exploiting the benefits offered through the Internet, AmeriCom provides fully automated sign-up procedures, document delivery, order entry, sub-agent recruiting and sign-up, commission reporting, e-mail support and an on-going development of additional electronic support systems.

In addition to getting your own customized and automated web site at, you can now take advantage of AmeriCom's popular Area Decoder, an area code look up service. This tool can drive traffic to your AmeriCom site(s), and become a great asset as a marketing tool. We have a lot in store for the Area Decoder, so this is definately something that will have your customers coming back for more!

AmeriCom is currently looking for Agents worldwide. This includes:
  • Domestic agents who wish to focus on U.S. customers.
  • International agents residing in countries outside the United States or having the marketing skills and contacts in the U.S. to reach companies and individuals doing significant international calling.

AmeriCom offers the highest commissions and the lowest rates on domestic and international calling. Commissions recur on a monthly basis on all calls made by your customers and your sub-agents' customers, as long as they continue to use the service(s).

Agents sell international or domestic calling services directly to customers in their country, to clients in the U.S. (and other countries) who call other countries, and through a free Internet web site, or banner click-through ads, which you may place on your existing web site.

Your own Area Decoder

When you link to The Area Decoder, the customers retain your agent identifier in their browser for as long as they have their browser open, so if they click on one of the product banners to sign up, you will get a recurring monthly commission for as long as they are a customer with us.

Signing up as an AmeriCom agent is quick and simple, visit our Agent Sign-Up Page for more information.

Future Plans

We plan to offer XML web services (SOAP compatible) with the Area Decoder, contact us if you are interested in integrating our data services with your product.

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