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Area Decoder Feedback
1. For what reason do you use the Area Decoder? (please be specific)
2. Whom do you represent when you use the Area Decoder? 
3. How did you hear about the Area Decoder? 
4. What sort of information are you typically interested in searching for?
US Area Codes
US Area Code-Exchange Code
US Cities
International City Codes
Country Codes
International Cities
US States
5. What sort of information would you like to see added?
Postal Codes
International Holidays
Cultural and business information
Nearest airports, hotels, restaurants
Links to local sites (media, services, etc.)
6. If you have noticed a mis-match in our data, or a missing area code or city and would like us to fix it, complete this section.
Add:  City Name, region/country Dial Code:
Replace:  City Name, region/country Dial Code:
Fix:  City Name, region/country (please specify more details below)
7. Miscellaneous comments
8. E-mail address (we may need to contact you in regards to your feedback, we keep all information strictly confidential, you will not get any solicitations.)